Battery Range

Whether it’s 6V, 12V or beyond; we have a complete range of superior quality batteries from exclusive and leading brands like Bosch, Vision, Remco, Deka, Alektro, SSB and many more ready to be matched with your individual application.

The Whole Collection

If it’s a high cranking battery, a deep cycle battery bank or any other automotive/industrial niche application battery, we have the solution. Choose from our vast range of available technologies including Calcium Hybrid, Calcium-Calcium, Silver-Calcium, Gel, AGM and more.

Bosch Cranking Batteries

Our Bosch batteries come in three levels of performance: S3+, maintenance free providing economical and reliable power for standard vehicle applications; S4 with long service life and low self-discharge and suitable for virtually all passenger vehicles with additional electronic devices; S5 with high performance Silver Alloy technology to ensure the highest level of starting power for modern vehicles and 4WDs with many electronic devices.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep Cycle batteries are often used in off-grid solar and wind power applications. Unlike a car battery, they are designed to be discharged to a greater depth and more often. The most common type of battery for deep cycle applications are AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Gel and Flooded. Our range includes quality brands such as Gel-Tech, Intimitador, Optima and Remco.

When dealing with Deep Cycle there is no ‘One size fits all’ solution. With over 8 years experience it is critical to every application that you discuss your Deep Cycle needs with us here at BITZ.

Powersport & Others

Whether it’s for marine application, with flame retardant properties, or for metal detectors, home alarm systems or all the way to mining refuge chambers & remote telecommunication battery banks we have a comprehensive range of proven, quality solutions ready for your application.

All of our battery solutions come with complete, comprehensive warranties from well known manufacturers.

Battery Accessories

We offer a full range of battery accessories from battery terminals to dual battery kits, complete intelligent charging systems to automotive solar solutions. With experienced staff available to assist you with any questions drop in today and discover the many battery recharging solutions.

All of our accessory solutions come with complete, comprehensive warranties from well known manufacturers.

Battery Services

BITZ Batteries offers a range of customer friendly services that are designed to keep you moving. Ask today about our standard battery fit service and battery recharging service (exclusively available to batteries within our distribution network).

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