Bosch Service Parts

High-quality service parts for your vehicle! Whether it’s braking systems, premium windshield wipers – BITZ offers premium products from Bosch and PBR to make motorists safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

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Spare parts from Bosch impress through their quality, reliability and innovative technology and you can feel safe that products only go into production when they have satisfied the strict quality requirements of Bosch.

PBR, as part of the Bosch Group, has built a reputation for supplying the highest quality brake components for the automotive industry. PBR’s disc brake rotor technology has been adopted by Toyota , Ford and Holden across a range of passenger and SUV vehicles, and by General Motors in North America for high performance cars.

PBR Rotors

PBR brake rotors are designed to deliver the optimum performance versus value combination. Featuring high-carbon, grey iron material, a special anti-coning design and unique ventilation patterns places the PBR design at the high end of the performance spectrum. PBR’s capability to maintain extremely tight tolerances coupled with well researched design elements result in significantly improved disc rotor performance. PBR brake rotors are available in both fine-turned and ground surface finishes and can be coated on the non-friction surfaces to deter corrosion.

BITZ stock a large range of rotors for most vehicle makes at extremely competitive prices. Call us today!

Bosch Brakepads And Shoes

For most braking styles there is a choice of brake pads depending on the driver’s preference for product life and cost. For example, driving identical vehicles, one driver may be a heavy braker (one who likes to accelerate and brake harder closer to the stopping point, or one that regularly tows heavy loads), the other a light braker. The heavy braker could only be matched to a Bosch Ultra brake pad as the friction material in this pad is designed for heavy duty braking. For everyday braking, either Bosch Eco or Bosch Quikstop will do the job. The right brakepad can improve the life of your brake behavior significantly!

We will make sure you’ll get the right product for your driving demands!

Bosch Wiperblades

Wiper blades from Bosch can be relied on for the perfect wiper action, even under extremely adverse weather conditions. Bosch AEROTWIN is always dependable even at high speeds: Perfect visibility is guaranteed by the aerodynamic design – whatever the weather conditions. The tailor-made spring strip ensures top quality wiper action over the full area. Bosch ECO wiper blades combine high quality and low cost for an economical alternative to refills. Combining the Quick-Clip connector system for easy installation ECO will provide a safer and easier solution than refills.

Buy or upgrade your wipers at BITZ and we will fit them for free!

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